Nchart is the leading DeFi charting tool on Discord. It allows users to generate charts of ERC20 token pairs and NFTs/Ordinals on demand in just a few seconds. It is currently used by ~900 discord servers and is the leader in its category.

Nchart will be expanding to Telegram 3Q2023. Future additional features of Nchart will make use of $CHART. Current Nchart features will remain free.


Kekotron is an advanced and highly versatile MEV tool that allows users to perform almost any action on the blockchain, many of which no other bot on the market supports. This includes:

  • Read/Write any contract to build transactions or gather data

  • Backrun transactions(same block)

  • Transact based on blockchain state change(next block)

  • Parallel transactions(from as many wallets as needed)

  • Support for unverified contracts(or upload bytecode manually if needed)

  • Schedule any transaction based on custom triggers

  • Arbitrum backrunning

On top of these functionalities Kekotron can perform regular swaps and liquidity snipes which are also available on popular swap bots such as Maestro and Unibot.

An overview of its functionalities can be seen here.

Kekotron will integrate $CHART in two ways:

  • Fees collected on transactions will be used by our contract to automatically buy back $CHART periodically.

  • If the users chose, they can instead hold $CHART in their wallet and use Kekotron free of charge as long as the balance meets a threshold.

Gradual roll out will begin 3Q2023.

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